Powerful AR driven online content led by Elite Athletes and Coaches and backed by sports psychologists.

We pioneer ground-breaking athlete and expert-led digital content, video clinics, podcasts and feature series.

The Ludus Magnus platform gives athletes and experts the opportunity to create and develop programs and products with a lasting community and social impact.

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Insightful, meaningful and entertaining discussion

Our Magnus platform enables us to bring together athletes and experts from all around the sphere of sport to create podcasts and broadcast content with bite.

Our broadcasters set their own agenda, style and format and we simply provide them with the tools and know-how to bring their ideas to life.

By linking the networks of our athletes together we are able to bring in voices from all over the world to create thought provoking content. From Olympic gold medal winners, community leaders to C-level sports execs, we hear all sides of every story.

We build short burst video clinics by elite athletes and coaches that are backed by sports psychologists

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Insight and access to athletes and sporting greats past and present

Our exclusive network of sporting greats past and present give us access to the people behind the persona. We get up close and personal and learn what makes them tick, makes their blood boil and what gets them out of bed in the morning.

We give athletes the opportunity to tell their story, the way they want it told, without judgement, sensationalism or censorship.

We supply the tools and experience to help them shape their ideas and produce exciting and entertaining content.

Ludus Magnus: an ever expanding network of knowledge, experience and success.

The Magnus network is a way for us to share the knowledge of not just the athletes we have on board but the teams of people behind the athlete, those that power them to success.

By connecting the pathways between our athletes and our experts,  we are creating an unrivalled knowledgebase containing expertise in the human body, endurance and performance, mental preparation, conditioning and technique.



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