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Average Athlete, Great Chat.

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Jarryd Moss is an average athlete and a slightly above average bloke, his life experience centralises around sport and human performance but his range of thought process goes far beyond this (or so he tells us).

On this podcast Moss and pals go beyond the world of saturated celebrity athlete mass media, and instead uncover the voices and journey’s that aren’t reported. He’ll deep dive, and offer realistic appraisal of the current state of the industry and challenge the status quo the only way he knows how; with teamwork, communication and accountability.

Episode #1 - "Harry Froling - Toe the Line" - 18/9/20

This week average athlete and slightly above average bloke Jarryd Moss speaks to Brisbane Bullets’ NBL star and former Rookie of the Year Harry Froling.

The guys discuss Harry’s past, present and future. Topics this week include the USA college system, what actually goes on at an NBA trial and his future ambitions to coach. We also find out who made the cut as his #1 all-time team-mate.

We hear about spearfishing, maturity and growing out of being an annoying larrikin and being the next Rex Hunt.

Our guests this week were:

Harry Froling
After returning to Townsville and helping the Heat win the 2018 QBL championship, Froling joined the Adelaide 36ers of the National Basketball League (NBL) on a two-year deal. In the 2018–19 season, he won the NBL Rookie of the Year.
In 2019, Froling had a short stint with the Southern Huskies of the New Zealand NBL.
Froling returned to the 36ers for the 2019–20 NBL season.Following the NBL season, he moved to Poland to play for Spójnia Stargard.
Froling signed with the Brisbane Bullets for the 2020–21 NBL season.

Harry is the son of Shane and Jenny Froling, and has two older twin sisters, Alicia and Keely, and a younger brother Sam. All professional basketball players.

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Co-hosted by Jarryd Moss and Craig Lane-Irons

Prologue - "Chubby redhead kid" - 18/9/20

Our guests this week were:

Jarryd Moss

In this prologue episode we get the ball rolling by interviewing Jarryd and getting to know a bit about him before we let him loose on his own show. Discover the Mossman Prophecy’s love of hoops as we begin the Journeyman from his roots in Warragul, Australia. We muse on x-factor employable skills, the drive to succeed with no regrets and the importance of fall back planning whilst maintaining 100% commitment to hitting the individual athletic ceiling. We hear from his dog and his phone.

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Co-hosted by Jarryd Moss and Craig Lane-Irons