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From panel shows to documentary series, Ludus brings issues in sport to the forefront.

Whether you want to discover a new sport, hear about events from people on the inside or just kick back and get some advice from a sporting legend, The Ludus has you covered.

We give a voice to the journeys and stories in sport that don’t always get told. The Ludus is a place that gives people in sport the freedom to tell their story the way they want to.

We help people find their story and then we help them tell it.

Our Shows

Magnus Sermo

Tackling Gender Bias in sport

Magnus Sermo tackles the complexities of the gender bias that has become accepted and ingrained in sport worldwide and tries to find ways to tackle the issues affecting women in sport at all levels.

Released every Friday

The Smart Athlete

Basketball ace Britt Smart creates insightful conversations with some of the smartest athletes, coaches and trainers around the world.

From Olympians to basketball legends, this podcast series will cover a wide range of people who find pain free movement, longevity and versatility to be essential in having the best quality of life possible.

Blind Mate

Women in triathlon advocate and one woman wrecking crew Stef Hanson loves meeting new people.

3600 seconds. Two questions. One unknown guest. No bias. No agenda. Just curious chatter.


Average Athlete, Slightly above average bloke

The Ban

Inside South Africa's 21 year Cricket suspension

In 1970 South Africa was set to have one of the most destructive cricket teams in history. On the eve of their much anticipated tour to Australia, the international community responded to the continued lack of response by the South African government to apartheid, and banned South Africa from international competition for multiple decades. We explore the political, social and of course sporting issues surrounding the ban, in conjunction with players and personnel from the team in question.