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‘Batting Basics’ Mini-Clinic

Featuring Tasmanian Cricketing Supercoach Tim Coyle

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Find out more about one of Australia's most successful cricket coaches.

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The correct grip will ensure our best chance at making full face impact on the ball

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A balanced stance lets you move the feet into a good striking position

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Pickup to Load Position

The load position is the position that your bat gets to at the very start of your bat swing.

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Downswing to impact

Control your downswing with a solid load, good hand positioning and efficient impact.

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Top Hand Front Foot Shots

Using the short bat to help assert top hand dominance in this tee ball drill.

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Recruiting the Bottom Hand

Adding the bottom hand to assist from load to impact

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Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way of improving your power and top-hand dominance.

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Take some time offline and download the printable workbook to read later.