About The Ludus

In one sentence; We create great online sports clinics and content with elite athletes, coaches and support staff, backed by leading sports psychologists.

Our main job is producing slick, short-burst, video series’ and clinics built and designed from the ground up by the athletes and coaches featured. They include input from sports psychologists to ensure all learning styles are catered for. New series are released monthly across a number of sports

Our great looking clinics are easy to watch on any device, look great and most importantly, easy to learn from. They’re divided into two categories, Coach the Coach and Coach the Player.

Coach the Coach clinics help not just experienced Coaches but also those that lack the experience, knowledge and skills to create safe, useful and interesting training sessions, plans or drills. Exciting training sessions help to limit the number of bored and uninspired players, which in turn will help to retain players.

Coach the Player Clinics allow our athletes and coaches to speak directly to budding athletes and players and help them to learn the drills, techniques and stories of people that have played at the very highest level.

Our unique network of sports stars has led to the creation of the Magnus Platform.

Magnus gives a voice to the journeys and stories in and around the world of sport that don’t always get told.

It is a place that gives athletes and people in sport the freedom tell their story the way they want to.

We help people find their story and then we help them tell it.