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About The LUDUS

We create sports video series’ to help anyone that coaches a team to become a better coach. 

Utlising the skills and knowledge of professional coaches and players, our  drag-and-drop training session planner helps you to build fun, exciting and safe training sessions for your team. 


Get your free mini-clinics

We create great online sports clinics and content with

elite athletes, coaches and support staff, backed by leading sports psychologists.

Our main job is producing slick, short-burst, video series’ and clinics built and designed from the ground up by the athletes and coaches featured. They include input from sports psychologists to ensure all learning styles are catered for. New series are released monthly across a number of sports

Our great looking clinics are easy to watch on any device, look great and most importantly, easy to learn from. They’re divided into two categories, Coach the Coach and Coach the Player.

Coach the Coach clinics help not just experienced Coaches but also those that lack the experience, knowledge and skills to create safe, useful and interesting training sessions, plans or drills. Exciting training sessions help to limit the number of bored and uninspired players, which in turn will help to retain players.

Coach the Player Clinics allow our athletes and coaches to speak directly to budding athletes and players and help them to learn the drills, techniques and stories of people that have played at the very highest level.


LUDUS is more than just slick, engaging video clinics
with high production values and elite athletes and coaches….

Online Video Clinics released monthly

Short, sharp and easy to digest video series’ covering everything from the fundamentals through to elite drills. High production value, great sound and music help keep budding athletes engrossed. Each clinic has printable workbooks, curated training sessions.

Sports Teams

Supportive environments for eSports and general sports teams. Welcoming of people of all ages, abilities and genders , we offer unique opportunities to be a part of a passionate and discipled community without the usual toxic behaviour that you may find in other clubs.

Drag-and-Drop Training Plan Builder

Coaches, build your own coaching sessions and email them to your players in preparation. Athletes can use it to create customised training sessions for the park. Just drag the drills into the planner to create your own intensity level.

Athlete Services

As part of our commitment to help athletes we provide a number of services that you wont find anywhere else. We build great looking websites for professional athletes that wont break the bank. We provide on-camera media training to help you show your best side. Our media team can help you get your own podcast out there including recording, setup and release.

Community Programs

We are dedicated to use our talents and services to help the wider community. From event sponsorship and production assistance through to creating full social responsibility programs.

Media and Content Production

We create great content for sports teams and events. Whether you need hype reels, introductions, motion graphics or just social media content, we have the team available for you.