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Episode #5 of The Smart Athlete with Chloe Molloy

Get your peepers into this week’s episode of The Smart Athlete as Britt talks to AFLW and former WNBA player Chloe Molloy.

Chloe shares how she came to pick up a footy and set down a basketball. She describes that pivotal moment when she turned down the opportunity of playing in college to play in then unknown and unproven AFLW.

We learn about some of the battles and pressures of that decision and the support system she surrounded herself with.

Andy Hollands

Andy is the co-founder of LUDUS. He loves sport but is mostly rubbish at them, tries hard though! Has run a few Ultra Marathons. Andy has been a business owner, a web developer and recently GM of three basketball teams in NBL1 and Sal's NBL in New Zealand. He's a firm believer in building sport from the grassroots level and ensuring that it's enjoyable for all.