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Introducing Stef Hanson…again.

By 29/09/2020February 19th, 2021No Comments

Introducing Stef Hanson....again.

We’re extremely excited to be welcoming former regular Stef Hanson to be our co-host. Her blend of experience, excitement and ability to ask the tough questions makes her the perfect addition to the team. We like to refer to Stef as a one woman wrecking crew for, a platform celebrating and promoting women in triathlon. Stef has been fighting the good fight against bias and inequality for over nine years with Witsup so is vastly more experienced than either Craig or I. We’re very much looking forward to work alongside Stef as we tackle equality on the Magnus Sermo podcast.

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Andy Hollands

Andy is the co-founder of LUDUS. He loves sport but is mostly rubbish at them, tries hard though! Has run a few Ultra Marathons. Andy has been a business owner, a web developer and recently GM of three basketball teams in NBL1 and Sal's NBL in New Zealand. He's a firm believer in building sport from the grassroots level and ensuring that it's enjoyable for all.