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Episode #4 of The Smart Athlete with Sami Whitcomb

Not really a podcast listener? Well fret no more, we’ve got you covered with our video version of Britt’s podcast!

In episode #4 she talks to WNBA superstar Sami Whitcomb.

Afew weeks after the WNBA finished and a few weeks before the WNBL Hub starts in Far North Queensland we dive into the mind of our Smart Athlete guest, Sami Whitcomb. Sami is yet to make her move to NY or her trip to Galatasaray.

We catch up with Sami while she is in quarantine on her routine back to Perth from the WNBA season. She has played 4 seasons in the WNBA and is coming off a Championship win with the Seattle Storm. We talk about the wubble (WNBA bubble), the hectic season away from family and her off court maintenance to stay injury free.

We also now know she was unable to attend the WNBL hub due to her first child being born.

Andy Hollands

Andy is the co-founder of LUDUS. He loves sport but is mostly rubbish at them, tries hard though! Has run a few Ultra Marathons. Andy has been a business owner, a web developer and recently GM of three basketball teams in NBL1 and Sal's NBL in New Zealand. He's a firm believer in building sport from the grassroots level and ensuring that it's enjoyable for all.