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A quick video interview with NBL Hall of Famer Cal Bruton

By 09/06/2020December 15th, 2020No Comments

After completing the filming of his video series Cal Bruton gave us the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his career and life after basketball.

Cal’s film shoot centred around the fundamentals of basketball and making sure that you understand the fundamentals and can apply them correctly, before moving onto anything more complex.

We broke down the clinic series into Conditioning, Ball Control, Form Shooting, Footwork and finally off the ball movement.

The Pearl was a master technician around the court and his series will allow you to learn some of his favourite skills and techniques.

Cal’s first series will be one of the first to launch on the Ludus platform this winter.

Andy Hollands

Andy is the co-founder of LUDUS. He loves sport but is mostly rubbish at them, tries hard though! Has run a few Ultra Marathons. Andy has been a business owner, a web developer and recently GM of three basketball teams in NBL1 and Sal's NBL in New Zealand. He's a firm believer in building sport from the grassroots level and ensuring that it's enjoyable for all.