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2nd Magnus Sermo episode available now

By 21/09/2020February 19th, 2021No Comments

"#2 Progress not perfection"

This week on Magnus Sermo our panel of guests were Janie Finlay, President of NBL1 club Launceston Tornadoes and former mayor of Launceston in Tasmania, State Cricketer and Football Development Manager for AFL TAS Linsey da Costa, trained actress , artist and all-round sports nut Lucinda Dance, Stef Hanson founder of and the first male guest on the panel Jarryd Moss, host of the Journeyman podcast.

In this episode we changed the format slightly and gave Jarryd a chance to express his current feelings on gender bias and how he wants to learn how to be better and more inclusive in his day to day role at a basketball federation. Our expert panel gave him their thoughts, feedback and a nifty new nickname.

We also explored the addition of an amateur/community athlete to give a voice to the cause from a grassroots level. Listen to the panel discuss their thoughts on how we can all tackle the issue of gender inequality from the top down and the ground up.

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Andy Hollands

Andy is the co-founder of LUDUS. He loves sport but is mostly rubbish at them, tries hard though! Has run a few Ultra Marathons. Andy has been a business owner, a web developer and recently GM of three basketball teams in NBL1 and Sal's NBL in New Zealand. He's a firm believer in building sport from the grassroots level and ensuring that it's enjoyable for all.