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Become the Ambassador of your own brand

Powerful branding solutions and websites for athletes, players, teams and coaches past and present that add value to your partnerships, show off your skills and attract sponsors.

Share your Guest Speaking availability, your openness to paid social media partnerships, promote your sponsors, proudly promote that cause that is close to your heart or just tell everyone how awesome you are.

You are more than just the sport that you play.

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Influence more than just social media

LUDUS Athlete sites help maximise your opportunities outside of game time by increasing your presence to more than just social media.

Showcase your highlights and write your biography the way you want it to be read. We give you the chance to tell the stories that are important to you in the way you want to tell them.

Your sponsors and partners will love to see you actively promoting them.

Don't let injury keep you out of the thoughts of potential engagements, interviews or media work. Actively promote your brand and your online presence!

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Sport focused websites by a sports focused company

Sport is our jam.

We live it, we breath it, we develop it. As a sports technology company we have the knowledge, experience and tools to ensure that we get the process of developing your brand and site right first time.

Don’t have photos? No problem, we have a photography team!
Need some video content? No worries, use our videographer!
Can’t think what to write? Our copywriter can help with that!

We help you to build your brand and site with the passion and commitment that you as an athlete have come to rely on.

What can we actually do for you?

‘Create a brand’ – A fancy way of saying we can create a recognizable logo for you. It could be as simple as a fancy digital version of your signature or it could be an intricate custom designed beauty. The price will depend on the complexity. It’s not required that you have one, we can easily find a very nice typeface or font to use instead!

‘Build a website’ – We take the information that you supply us and build a website based on a number of pre-existing templates that we have created. It helps to keep the price low for you. If you would like to get really funky and have a custom designed site we can do that too. Just be aware it’s going to be a lot more expensive!

‘Make you look good’  – We can provide photography and videography services for your site or we can use images that you supply. They just need to be in a high enough resolution or quality so they look good on all devices from the smallest mobile to the biggest TV

‘Market you’ – We help you to get your name out there in advertising, promotional or online campaigns with partners in our LUDUS network, in paid advertising campaigns online, in print or on TV.

‘Take care of anything online’ – We can provide the domain name and host your website on our private hosting. All you need to do is sit back and watch the clicks come in. We can help set you up with Google Apps for your email too.

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