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Short burst video clinics by Elite Athletes and Coaches

We pioneer ground-breaking athlete and expert-led digital videos that are backed by leading Sports Psychologists to help to Coach the Coach and Train the Athlete with the ultimate goal of keeping kids engaged in sport

Gain knowledge from Australia’s leading athletes, players and coaches

Being your best just got easier

Players and Athletes benefit from short-burst drills, tips and exercises direct from the professionals

It’s simple, just watch the videos, practice the drills and improve your game. Get great looking, easy to understand videos that’ll make you want to get straight down to practicing.

All presented by fantastic past and present players, coaches and athletes.

Well? What are you waiting for?

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Helping to create better Coaches to make happier players

Whether you are a certified and badged expert or a parent coach thrown in at the deep end, we have content to help you.

Enthusiastic parent coaches are the best. Enthusiastic, educated, safe, inspiring, parent coaches who create a culture and retain participants with connection, enjoyment and skill development are even better.

From our basic fundamentals series’ to specially curated training sessions created by our leading experts and coaches, we help you to build fun, safe and engaging training sessions that will keep participants excited, interested and keen for more.


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A new way for Parents to keep your children engaged, active and interested in multiple sports with LUDUS clinics and drills.

There are a plethora of reasons that kids drop out of sport. Frustration with lack of skills and development is one of them. We teach everything from the fundamentals that they may have missed through to elite drills and techniques.

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LUDUS is more than just slick, engaging video clinics
with high production values and elite athletes and coaches….

Online Video Clinics

Short, sharp and easy to digest video series’ covering everything from the fundamentals through to elite drills. High production value, great sound and music help keep budding athletes engrossed.

Printable Workbooks

Take your drills to the gym with you when you can’t take your phone. Simple guides to all the moves, drills and tips that are covered in the video clinics.

Drag-and-Drop Training Plan Builder

Coaches, build your own coaching sessions and email them to your players in preparation. Athletes can use it to create customised training sessions for the park. Just drag the drills into the planner to create your own intensity level.

One price for all sports

Kids don’t just play one sport, they’ve got a huge range of sports and activities. Find them all in one place and pay just one low price!

New series’ released each month

We release new clinics monthly across a variety of sports so you’ll always be coming back for more. With new sports being added all the time you’ll find something for everybody.

Curated Training Sessions and Drills

Let our elite coaches provide customised training sessions for you. Whether you want to  concentrate on a single aspect of your game or build something just for your defense or attack. We’ve got you covered.

“This is a first step towards enhancing the curriculum of whatever sporting concepts we're delivering. It's going to be very attractive for parents to be able to touch that information and see it being delivered from the mouths of experts.”

Anthony StewartCoach and NBL record holder

Our Athletes and Coaches

Our roster of athletes and coaches includes AFL Legends, Olympic Gold medalists, NBL Hall of Famers and future sporting greats currently plying their talent across a wide range of sports.


Insightful, meaningful and entertaining discussion

Our Magnus platform enables us to bring together athletes and experts from all around the sphere of sport to create podcasts and broadcast content with bite.

Our broadcasters set their own agenda, style and format and we simply provide them with the tools and know-how to bring their ideas to life.

By linking the networks of our athletes together we are able to bring in voices from all over the world to create thought provoking content. From Olympic gold medal winners, community leaders to C-level sports execs, we hear all sides of every story.

See LUDUS in action

Get your free NBL Legend Cal Bruton mini-clinic now!

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Basketball Legend Cal Bruton presents these free short-burst clinics.

Use the videos to find out the best way to learn and practice drills for:

In and Out
Between the legs and behind the back
Double Crossover
Work with your friends to practice your skills

Learn how Cal became a basketball legend and his tips and tricks for success in these short-burst mini-clinics starring Chargers stars Tiri, Sharna and BJ.

From warming up to cooling down Cal tells you the way he got things done!

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Got questions? We’ve got answers!

What is  LUDUS?

LUDUS is an online sports training platform that creates clinics and training information in a number of formats and styles. We work with professional athletes, coaches and psychologists to create content to help make coaches better and players happier.

When will it officially launch?

We’ll be officially launching late 2021 but until then we will be releasing a small number of demonstration clinics and content to help grow our fanbase.

What sports will be available?

At launch we will have AFL, Cricket, Basketball, Cycling, Running, Football and Rugby and many others will be added in the following months.

Where can I watch it?

You can watch the videos on any device that has web access or you can cast to your chromecast or Apple TV. There will be a dedicated app to follow. If you are going to be using AR powered content then you will need to use and android or apple mobile device or tablet.

How much is it?

You will be able to access all content from all sports from just $7.95 per month depending on the plan that you buy. There are discounts for teams, families and schools.

How can I get involved?

If you are an athlete or coach and feel you have something to offer just head to our athletes page and drop us a line.

How do I access the clinics?

Simply login to our website where you will be given full access to all the available clinics.

How many clinics will there be?

There will be a minimum of 8 sports with clinics at our final launch date with new content and sports added each month. We wont jsut be concentrating on the big sports, you can expect to find ‘less popular’ sports here as well.

Will you be adding x sport?

More than likely! We’ll be adding new sports all the time so if there’s one that you’d like drop us a line and let us know!